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Why is this city is famous? - It is well-known for its mineral water, fresh air, and SPA procedures.
Main city visitors - as far as we could assess, the majority of visitors were families and people who are coming to improve their state of health.
Transportation (rating) - Druskininkai is not a big city, and during our travel, we had a personal car. Without this car, we would probably use a taxi. I don't know exact prices.
Safety (rating) - during our stay (we visited Druskininkai few times) we didn't saw any suspected activities. Nevertheless, during some significant events, or if you will be traveling during the night time, it is possible to meet some not so friendly persons.
Nature - beautiful and green. This city is like in the middle of the forest.
Food (national dishes, tips). Food is not expensive. Some restaurants offer dishes of the day. In the region, one of the most popular dishes is called "Bandos."
Best time to visit. What is unique about this city, that the concept is to create an environment to be possible to visit Druskininkai during the whole year. We heart some rumors that shortly they are planning to build new center (Indoor sea with the beach). It should be interesting.
Money saving tips. Book apartments and buy a meal from local shops. Of course during vacation is always better to eat in the restaurants and to try real national dishes.

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