We are four members family, and all of us like to travel. From different countries, we have a lot of Gb information (pictures, movies) and usually, we share this information with our friends. In many cases stories about traveling like people who tell them (in this instance we :)), individuals who were in the same places and those who are preparing or would like to travel to the same location. That is why we would like to share this information with families around the world who are planning to visit with their families and to share our individual experience which is in majority cases are unique.

My family in Ryga

Each place already was or will be visited by our family members (least one person from my family:). Our children are the best indicator to find out if the place is attractive and suitable for all family. If it is not interesting, they just will say "BORING." We like sightseeing and passive recreation, but our priority is to do something active and sometimes a little extreme, like:

    1. Camping with camper vans, caravans, and tents;
    2. Aqua parks;
    3. Climbing;
    4. Funfairs;
    5. Sports events and healthy lifestyle;
    6. Windsurfing;
    7. Kiteboarding;
    8. Diving and snorkeling;
    9. Roller skating;
    10. Skiing;
    11. And more others



Windsurfing in CroatiaWindsurfing

4 year boy climbing4 year kid climbing

The smallest but not the weakest traveler

Smallest but not weekest

There is plenty of things that my family have never done before and we want to explore the world and always to try something new!

What we already visited?

So far we visited mostly European countries (Croatia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Austria, Check Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia) and we will tell you about some of these countries. For the last few years it was small pause because we increased the number of our family (2 boys) and now, when smallest boy is big enough to travel (was 4 when I wrote this post) we are ready to move again with our children.

What we visited

Our main rules

  1. Children’s are not the reason not to travel;
  2. There is no bad weather and/or wrong time to travel;
  3. We spend money for traveling and new experience but not for expensive hotels and restaurants.

How we travel:

  1. Foot;
  2. Car;
  3. Camper can and caravan;
  4. Plain;
  5. Train;
  6. Ship;
  7. Bicycle
  8. Other

What we will do in this blog?

Before going to any place we will ask help from you in our Forum to tell us where to go in your home country or city!

According to all information that we will receive from you and internet we will plan our trip (maps, equipment, meal, and other critical information to know) and will prepare for travel. During travel we will share the most impressive moments in real time and will share with you summarized story with all detail information when we will come back home. Using this type of information it will be much easier for you to prepare for your trip and you will save time for things you like to do and know the best how to do.

Where to find all information? It is very easy, - we will post all significant information in our blog and will share it in our social networks and the most interesting moments we will record and share in our youtube channel. In addition we will inform how things are going to every newsletter subscriber. So don’t forget to like, follow or subscribe us in social media or in our blog website below!


We wish you exciting and safe travel around the world!

My Family Travel Zone