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Swinging Bridge in Mikeriai (Bezdžionių tiltas)

Posted on: Jun 28, 2017 | Author: | Categories: Lithuania, Anykščiai, Bridges, Places of interest | 1 Comments

Walk through the Swinging Bridge in Mikeriai (close to Anykščiai)!

Swinging Bridge in Mikeriai (Bezdžionių tiltas)

Mikeriu Bridge or Swinging Bridge is a pedestrian bridge over river Šventoji (about 30 km from Anykščiai) connecting Mikieriai and Inkunai.

Swinging bridge front
According to open sources, bridge length is 80 meters, and it is 1,2 meters width. Its constructions are reliable. However, it is at least strange to walk through the bridge when everything is moving and swinging.

Bridge other side

We didn't expect that close to the bridge there are much more places to visit and just in the area, we identified that to visit all these objects requires much more time when we had.

On the swinging bridge

If you visit this region, we recommend you to plan couples of hours for walking around.

Take extra clothes because in the forest will be enough mosquitos (at least it was during our visit)!

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Ir as cia buvau
on Jul 2, 2017 | by Tomas

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