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Things to do in Brussels with kids in 4 Days

Posted on: Aug 21, 2018 | Author: My Family Travel Zone | Categories: Belgium Blog | 34 Comments

Our family spent four days in Brussels with kids and visited 14 places that we would love to share with you. You will have a lot of fun and will educate your children at the same time.

Things to do in Brussels with kids in 4 Days

Hello and welcome to Brussels. We spent here only four days, but before coming, we did a lot of planning because traveling with the kids it is always different. And why? If you have children, you probably understand us!
In this video, you will see 14 things we did in Brussels with our kids.


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Day 1 - Brussels Old Town

For the first day, as usual in the new city, we walk around to explore the old town. For the kids long walks usually are not very fun. We came to Brussels by car, so we had to go back to the same place.  That is why we planned to walk around the city and at the end of the day to go back to the same place we started.

Day 1 locations on the map (more detail information you can find on SEE&DO map):

Day 1 Map with locations

1/14 Notre Dame du Sablon

The first object on our way was the gothic church of Notre Dame du Sablon. Means our Lady of Sablon. Fantastic exterior and stained glass windows look impressive. Here we did a few photos from outside and inside and continued our walk.

2/14 Park Mont des Art

Just in a few hundred meters, we reached Park Mont des, Art. It is a historic site in the center of Brussels, and it means the hill of the arts. A lot of people come to this place to do a few memorable pictures and enjoy the fantastic panoramic view of the city. There are a few museums around this place, but today our goal was different.

Park Mont des Art

3/14 Manneken Pis

The next thing to see on our ways was a famous bronze statue, called Manneken Pis. We heard some people saying that it is not worth to visit this statue at all, but I believe that almost everybody who visits Brussels oldtown goes and see this boy at least once.

Manneken Pis

4/14 Townhall and Grand Palace

Just a couple of minutes walk from Manneken Pis located town hall and a grand palace. Brussels Grand Palace is charming square and, I believe is a must to visit while visiting Brussels. I think that this place all the time is full of tourists and here you spend a few hours watching at amazing buildings, tasting dishes in local restaurants or tasting waffles.

Grand Place Brussels

5/14 Royales Saint-Hubert

Next, to the Grand-Place, we visited the Galery of Saint Hubert. Here we found a lot of clothes, souvenirs and chocolate shops. This place has glass ceilings, so it is comfortable for shopping during all seasons or if it is raining outside.

Royales Saint-Hubert Brussels

6/14 Jeanneke Pis

Very close to Galeries we visited another statue with the name - Jeanneke Pis. This statue is not as famous as Manneken pis, but it was interesting to find between narrow streets. In Brussels, it is three pissing statues and the third - pissing dog (with the name Zinneke Pis) located around 700 m from our route, so we decided to skip it.

Jeanneke Pis

7/14 Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral

The next object was Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral. It is a beautiful building with stained glass windows. For a few euros, you can enter the museum as well. After Belgium, we went to Paris, and this cathedral is similar to Notre Dame Paris.

Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral

8/14 Parc de Bruxelles

After this beauty was time for our boys, and we went to Brussels central park, and it was an excellent place for our kids to run around and to play around or in the kid's playground. This park has ponds, fountains, statues, and kids playground.

Parc de Bruxelles

9/14 Royal residence of Brussels

Right on the other side of the park, we approached the last place of our first day - the Royal residence of Brussels. This place was impressive to walk around. Before going with kids, we would recommend visiting the unique part of their website designed for the kids. Do not forget to check opening hours before going inside because it is possible to enter just during the particular period.

Royal residence of Brussels

In the first day, we walked around five to six kilometers, and it was pretty enough for our kids and us. If we went the same distance again, we would probably do some more extended stop in the old town to have lunch, or if it were hot during the day, we would probably choose to walk more in the evening, because we heard that it is beneficial in the Grand Place during the dark time.

Day 2 - Mini-Europe, Atomium, ADAM (Art & Design Atomium Museum)

The next two days we decided to spend in the north of Brussels. And why two days? Because for our boys it was too much to see and do everything in one day. It could be possible, but I don't think it would be fun. So, for the second day, we decided to visit Mini-Europe, Atomium, and ADAM, which means Art & Design Atomium Museum, and for waterpark Oceade we chose to allocate the whole third day. And as we saw later, it was a right decision.

All places are near each other:

Mini Europe, Atomium, ADAM, Oceade

10/14 Mini-Europe

The tenth thing to do in Brussels is to visit Mini-Europe. We loved this place from the very first minutes because we could see so much within a short period. It was exciting to recognize areas where we visited before. They have around 350 models from ninety European cities and that it is already amazing. And it is not just the view because we saw passing trains, ships and could hear authentic sounds from airports or vulcanos.

We just went from country to country and tried to recognize the places that we already saw in reality and of course, to see what represents our country. We found Vilnius University here, could realize places from Brussels (Grand Place) which we visited on our first day in Brussels and was interesting to explore Paris, where we went after a visit in Belgium.

Mini-Europe Brussels

11/14 Atomium

Just a couple hundred meters from Mini-Europe you can see the Atomium which is one of the most famous landmarks of Brussels. Thousands of people are coming to this place and trying to do the best selfie ever.

Inside the Atomium is a museum now. This place together with Mini-Europe is a must if you are coming to visit Brussels for a couple of days. We visited Atomium during the weekend just after Mini-Europe, and couldn't expect that lines are so long.

The elevator to the museum is only one, and that is the main reason why people have to wait for a long time. If we could repeat this day, we would probably, first of all, visit Atomium and after would go to Mini-Europe. It could save you time.

Atomium Brussels

12/14 Art & Design Atomium Museum (ADAM)

Straight after Atomium, we went to Art and Design Atomium Museum (ADAM). It is just a couple of hundred of meters from the Atomium;

ADAM is a museum which will discover the design from different periods and different countries. Usually, they have permanent and temporary exhibitions, which means that you can always find something new here.

In the museum, we could see things from our childhood and for the kids was interesting to see different things and shapes. It was an excellent place to educate kids and to tell them about the things that we used in the past.

Art & Design Atomium Museum (ADAM)

Day 3 - Time for attraction in Océade - No1 waterpark in Belgium

13/14 Océade

Time for attractions and like somebody sad, the waterpark is always a good idea to spend time with the kids. If during the last days we had to find a niche for the kids to attract their attention either to Brussels oldtown, Atomium or ADAM, so now we didn't have to put any effort for motivation.

According to Océade is the No. 1 water park in water slides in Belgium and yes, they have many indoors and outdoors slides and pools. The pool inside (named Carribean sea) the building from time to time (every 20 minutes) are simulating waves, and it is much fun for the kids to feel like in the sea.

The pool outside is enjoyable, and it is always a pleasure to swim in the fresh air when water is warm, and water jets, spouts, and whirling creek were very fun. For those who love to relax, the terrace and seats are available as well.

Outside they have a sauna available for everybody and inside they have more saunas which are not available for the kids. And of course, jacuzzi where you can relax after water slides.

We came just before the lunch and the line to use slides was quite short and moved very fast. Only during our last hour (out of four) it was very crowded inside, and the line was long. If you like water slides, our recommendation would be to come to the park as early as possible.

For small kids, it is possible to use Aquafun House on the first floor. Here kids can play or enjoy waterfalls, or try mini slides.

The most we liked Anaconda slide which made for families. Here was possible to use three-persons rafts and it was entertaining to use them with the kids. Also, for the kids, it is recommended to use Cameleon. It is not fast slide and inside colors changes like the real Cameleon. Outside it is excellent to use Salto Angel, which is very impressive and was suitable for all our family members and here you can do a small race between each other.

For bigger kids and adults it is possible to use the Adventure line, and the fastest slide is Ouragan. It is an 80 meters slide, and it is swift. From the adventure line, we tested this slide first one (it was empty, and we didn't read that it is the fastest :)).

Would recommend leaving this slide at the very end, because after this other slides could look to slow :) Another quick slide is outside with the name Bala de Canon. It is fast and at the same time short, and at the very end, you jump to the water like from the trampoline. If you want a longer slide, we will recommend Barracuda. After the waterpark, we didn't want to do anything more, than to relax.

We would recommend buying a ticket for all three - Mini-Europe, Atomium, and Oceade (ADAM price during our stay included as well).

Parking is available just in the middle between all these locations. During our visit, it cost 6 Euros for the whole day.


Day 4 - Museums day - Autoworld Brussels and Royal Museum of the Armed Forces

14/14 Autoworld Brussels

During the last day, we visited cars museum Autoworld Brussels. Autoworld Brussels is two floors museum with many cars inside. Majority of old cars are on the first floor and the second floor there are modern generation cars. It was an impressive place to visit for all family.

Here we get a lot of information about the history of cars and found vehicles from the very decade (including the private horse carriages). If you come with the kids, do not forget to ask for the quiz. They should definitely like this.

Autoworld is a highly-colorful environment adapted for teaching purposes and created to continue evolving on a non-stop basis. It was exciting to analyze the origin of the automobile, and in this museum, it is possible to look at this history closer.

Could you imagine the life without a car or a bus during these times? Here you can find how history impacted vehicle development and will see a lot of interesting facts and the roots about the beginning of this industry.

It the museum there are over 300 cars in their permanent collection and what is interesting, that they always have a temporary display, and that means that you can always find something new in the museum.

In the museum, it is possible to find cars from different periods:

- The Belle Epoque

- The Great War

- The Roaring Twenties

- The Thirties

- The Second world war

- Postwar and the 50s

- The 60s-70s-80

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The museum is easily accessible by car. Car parking is available just in front of the museum.

If you went to the Autoworld museum, we would recommend you at the same time to visit the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History which is just on another side of the car parking. We saw this place only when we were in the area, and that day we didn't have time to visit.

Brussels summary


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What would you recommend to visit Brussels with the kids?
on Aug 25, 2018 | by My Family Travel Zone
Whoa these are cool places in Brussels. Never even wanted to go to Brussels. But after seeing all of this attraction, I might give a chance once I reach in my 30s. Especially Atomium. But some of the attractions are not meant for me. So I would skip them.
on Sep 11, 2018 | by Aditya Tiwari
All these are nice attractions. I might sound superficial, but best of Brussels to me was eating belgian waffles :D
on Sep 11, 2018 | by Corina
I am getting goosebumps looking at all these amazing photos! I would love to visit Brussels one day. All of these activities sound so cool.
on Sep 12, 2018 | by Christina
Brussels is among the top listed destination in my bucket list. I'm a solo traveller but would definitely love to go with my siblings Waterpark and museums are definitely best for the kids..
on Sep 12, 2018 | by Prateek Goel
Brussels is such a gorgeous city and I admit that I can't help admiring it a lot. The structures are very impressive, I mean this city doesn't need many marketing campaigns to sell to the tourists!
on Sep 12, 2018 | by blair villanueva
I do live in Belgium and I think you mentioned all important things to do and see in Brussels ;)
on Sep 12, 2018 | by Kate
I love watching your Youtube videos! Thanks for sharing your itinerary. Brussels is in my bucket list. Would you mind sharing your budget breakdown?
on Sep 12, 2018 | by Travel with Karla
Brussels looks like a really nice place for short or long adventures especially when you're with your family. You've got some really good tips there on how you should spend your time in Brussels when you have kids with you. This is such a moving and fun read.
on Sep 13, 2018 | by FlyingKids
I must say that of all those you posted the "Mini Europe" looks like a lot of fun.
on Sep 13, 2018 | by John Sallie
Great advice here! We have been looking at visiting Brussels over the winter but I wasnt sure what there was for children. It sounds so family friendly!
on Sep 13, 2018 | by Laura Dove
This looks like an amazing trip! It's always a benefit to be able to combine learning and fun. Brussels is such a wonderful place to visit!
on Sep 13, 2018 | by Whitney Kutch
These are great! I am always looking for kid friendly ideas to adapt for special needs travel so this list is perfect!
on Sep 14, 2018 | by Angie
I went to Brussels about 10 years ago but I remember doing #3, #9, #10 and #11 for sure. I also did a bike tour in that city and then a day trip to Bruges. Thanks for sharing!
on Feb 22, 2019 | by Oh to Be a Muse
I've been to Brussels a few years ago, what a gorgeous city! I would love to go back again for sure.
on Feb 22, 2019 | by Chad
This is a great list! I have always loved the architecture around the country. I used to visit often when I lived in Germany
on Feb 22, 2019 | by Mimi
The architecture is just stunning! I've never been to Brussels before but I would love to visit...beautiful!
on Feb 22, 2019 | by Catherine
I would love to travel all over the world with my kids, but always wonder what there is to do. This info is perfect for us!
on Feb 22, 2019 | by Heather
Wonderful post with stunning photographs. I have been to Brussels and had memorable time there.
on Feb 22, 2019 | by Indu
These are some really exciting things to do in Brussels with a family. Thanks for sharing.
on Feb 22, 2019 | by John Mulindi
I have always wanted to visit Brussels . Thank you for this because I need kid friendly ideas.
on Feb 22, 2019 | by Sincerely Miss J
It looks like there are so many neat things to do with kids in Brussels. Traveling can be so difficult when there isn't enough to keep the kids occupied. These all look like great attractions to check out.
on Feb 22, 2019 | by Marysa
Wow! This place sounds amazing! Can't wait to visit with my family.
on Feb 22, 2019 | by Maggie Unzueta
Brussels is an interesting place. i like that theres thngs for a family to enjoy
on Feb 22, 2019 | by Jasmine
Wow! I'm always amazed by the vastness of the cathedrals. I want to see them one day in person, so badly!
on Feb 22, 2019 | by Sara Welch
I've never been to Brussels before, but it looks awesome! I would love to visit there someday.
on Feb 23, 2019 | by Shannon Gurnee - Redhead Mom
Some of that architecture is so cool! You look like you had an amazing time and you found some great kid-friendly places.
on Feb 23, 2019 | by Katie
that is such a wonderful place, I would like to bring my family in that place
on Feb 23, 2019 | by alexandra cook
I never really thought about going to Brussels before, it looks beautiful though. May need to add it to my want to do list.
on Feb 23, 2019 | by Preet
I've always wanted to see Brussels. Who knew there was much to do! Can't wait to read about your time in Paris with kids.
on Feb 23, 2019 | by Fatima Torres
I have no kids but I do agree with this Brussels posts. There is heck no way that you'd get bored there.
on Feb 23, 2019 | by Monidipa Dutta
I actually have Brussels on my bucket list! I really want to go on vacation there one day. Your photographs are gorgeous and making me want to go even more now!!. Thanks for sharing!
on Feb 26, 2019 | by Kim Seghers
Thanks for adding video content it was really helpful. I think it’s great they have cool things for kids. I would be interested in the museum and also amusement park.
on Feb 27, 2019 | by Chastity
Hey, Belgium is considered to be a large nation because of its total area. Its total land area is 30,528 km² (approx. 11,787 mi²). Continental shelf of Belgium is approximately 3,447 km² (around 1,331 mi²).
It's true?
on Oct 15, 2020 | by Naten

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