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Video review Yes
Activities Pool
Fun and games Water parks
Recommended duration 3 - 4 h, All day
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The waterpark is always a good idea

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Time for attractions and like somebody sad, the waterpark is always a good idea to spend time with the kids. If during the last days we had to find a niche for the kids in order to attract their attention either to Brussels oldtown, Atomium or ADAM, so now we didn't have to put any effort for motivation.

According to Océade is the No. 1 water park in water slides in Belgium and yes, they have many indoors and outdoors slides and pools. The pool inside (named Carribean sea) the building from time to time (every 20 minutes) are simulating waves, and it is much fun for the kids to feel like in the sea.

The pool outside is enjoyable, and it is always a pleasure to swim outside when water is warm, and water jets, spouts, and whirling creek were very fun. For those who love to relax, the terrace and seats are available as well.

Outside they have a sauna available for everybody and inside they have more saunas which are not available for the kids. And of course, jacuzzi where you can relax after water slides.

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