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Places of interest Architecture, Bridges, Churches, History, Landmarks, Old towns, Parks and nature, Sights
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We loved this place from the very first minute

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We loved this place from the very first minutes because we could see so much within a short period. It was exciting to see the real places that we already saw on Mini-Europe or vice versa - so recognize places where we visited before. They have around 350 models from ninety European cities and that it is just amazing.
And it is not just the view because we saw passing trains, ships and could hear authentic sounds from airports, boat sirens or vulcanos.
Here it was unusual for all of us - parents and our kids, and it was a perfect opportunity to see Europe by our self and to educate our boys, and this is an exceptional value. We just went from country to country and tried to recognize the places that we already saw in reality and of course, to see what represents our country. We found Vilnius University here, could realize places from Brussels (Grand Place) which we visited on our first day in Brussels and was interesting to explore Paris, where we went after a visit in Belgium.

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