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Riga Zoo

Posted on: Mar 14, 2017 | Author: Inga S. | Categories: Latvia Blog, Zoos & Aquariums

My family visit to Riga Zoo with recommendations.

Riga Zoo

It is quite easy to find Riga Zoo. From the city center, it is possible to travel by tram (number 11) which goes quite often. How to know that it is time to get out? It will be Mezapark stop (you will see the entrance to Zoo on the left). If you miss it, do not worry because the last tram station is 300 m awayJ

Adult ticket costs € 6, but we, as the family of 4 members, bought family ticket for € 17. At the same time, we received the Zoo plan which is easy to understand and is helpful to find whatever you want in the Zoo.

This place was probably the most attractive object for all members of our family. There are a lot of wild animals in Riga Zoo. Some of them were outside and some inside. It was comfortable because we visited the zoo in February, and the temperature outside was about 0, so while being inside, we had a perfect chance to get warm.

We visited Zoo at the end of February and liked it. The total duration of this trip was almost 3 hours, but it was long neither for adults nor the youngest visitor (4 years).

My family recommends visiting Riga Zoo (high priority)!

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