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Kitesurfing lesson in Surftown school in Tallinn

Posted on: May 8, 2017 | Author: Inga S. | Categories: Estonia Blog, Activities, Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

A short introduction to windsurfing and practical lesson for our family.

Kitesurfing lesson in Surftown school in Tallinn

Kite is the device which stays in the year with the support of wind. Kitesurfing is full of adrenaline, strength, and sense of freedom extreme sport for everyone. It is an opportunity to escape from routine and to have unusual and active time. This kind of entertainment is becoming more and more popular throughout the world and is unique because it combines different kinds of sports, like snowboarding, windsurfing, water-skiing, surfing, and paragliding. You just have to glide on the surface of the water using the board and can jump or do different tricks.

It looks very attractive and impressive, but it requires training and a lot of practice. The best way to get this practice is to find and consult with professionals. And it is what we did - consulted with Surfboard team in Tallinn.

Kristiin and Jane from Surftown school are real fanatics and very professional trainers with vast experience as instructors, and they understand how to engage children. We were surprised to hear that they have expertise even in the World level Championships. Now they share their experience with others.  So far our kids are too small for kitesurfing (if we remember accurately, officially they can start from around 12 years). Nevertheless, surfboard team did an excellent theoretical introduction about kitesurfing,  wind directions, and speed, how to launch and land kite and gave us an enjoyable, practical lesson with small (about 1,5 square meters) training kite.

Before coming to surfing school, our family had quite a long day with cycling and visiting TV Tower, and that was the reason why in the beginning our boys looked a little exhausted. But from the first second, they touched kite steering strip and felt wind power they wake up and started to enjoy this attraction. The wind was pretty strong, so our 4 and 6-year-old boys need some adult assistance.
Our family enjoyed this attraction and will look forward to possibilities to learn to kitesurf in the future.

If your family wants to have an active time and to learn kitesurfing, land kiting or snowkiting in Tallinn, Surftown school is the right place.

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For more information contact directly Surftown instructors:

Surftown Website

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