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Climbing in Ronimisministeerium

Posted on: May 14, 2017 | Author: Inga S. | Categories: Estonia Blog, Climbing & Bouldering, Activities

About family adventures in Ministry of Climbing (Tallinn). How to prepare, clothing, shoes and what to do there.

Climbing in Ronimisministeerium

Climbing is a unique sport that is accessible to adults and children, and in Ministry of climbing, we found all we needed for kids and us.

In the beginning, staff introduced us with the safety rules, climbing advantages, and how to use climbing facilities properly. According to the instructor, climbing helps to develop almost all muscle groups, mental features, and train to achieve personal goals.
For beginners, it is always good when somebody explains and shows where to start and what to do.  If you plan to visit Ministry of climbing for the first time, we recommend checking in Ronimisministeerium (in short they call it RonMin) website when the instructor is available. With him, it would be much faster to understand the finer points of climbing. However, it wouldn't be a big issue to understand what to do, and I am sure that other climbers would help.

In the Ministry of climbing walls are around 4 m height, and on the ground, there are thick mattresses. Hence there is no need to use Climbing ropes, and because of that the better world to call this attraction is bouldering. And bouldering is not simple activity and requires physical strength because during climbing works practically all muscles, especially fingers and forearms. To tell the truth, it was the real sport, and we did the solid workout.

Clothing and shoes
To tell the truth, we were not prepared enough for this kind of activity and didn't take proper clothes. Probably the best choice would be sports clothes (T-shirts and long or short sleeve pants). There is no need to have shoes because RonMin will give you special one.

Climbing for children
For our kid's wall climbing was one of the best attractions from the visit to Tallinn because children love action. Anyway, they didn't want to go away for a long time, and it's an indicator for us that this activity fits our family range. Be advised that children are allowed to be in the gym until 1800. RonMin does this because of safety reasons.

Events and activities
The central attraction is, of course, bouldering but also it is possible to do much more actions like walking on the rope, climbing on the rope, use of pull ups bar and other equipment for advanced users.
At the end of our visit, we saw a group of children, and we thought that is would probably is the perfect place to celebrate children birthdays or to go out with your friends or colleagues. Later than we came back home, we checked that RonMin organizes a lot of events for companies, birthday parties, competitions or bachelor parties and it is highly feasible that we will use this idea during events back at home.

My family tips
- Take sportswear;
- Have towels and other material for shower;
- Use this kind of activity as a regular sport;
- Do not forget to invite friends to birthday parties or other events.

When we went outside our kids told us - when we will come back home, can we go to the similar wall climbing? I think that answers every question.

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For more information contact directly Ministry of Climbing Instructors:

RonMin Website

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