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Pirita Adventure Park

Posted on: May 18, 2017 | Author: Inga S. | Categories: Estonia Blog, Adventure Parks, Fun places to go

My family adventures in Pirita Adventure Park in Tallinn. Read an article about our experiences and watch a movie.

Pirita Adventure Park

Adventure Park Overview
The last day of our trip to Tallinn we visited Pirita Adventure Park - climbing the trees. From old town, we traveled by bus around 15 - 20 minutes, and it was very comfortable. We were very close to the park couple days ago during cycling to TV Tower, and it would be an option to arrive at Pirita park with the bicycles.

Pirita park has a lot of different trails with a perfect view of the sea, but we decided to try only those which are suitable for our four and six years old boys.

Pirita offered two options for our kids - a park which is suitable for children up to 115 cm height and above this height. Our junior was below 115 cm boundary so he could enjoy only kids park. Later we understood that children below this limit just would not be able to reach ropes with safety equipment and it will not be possible to climb.

Safety rules are critical before this adventure. Consequently, we received a full safety briefing, received safety harness and started from the kid's park.

Like I already mentioned before, kid's playground is suitable for children above 115 cm, and it is suitable from two years old till suggested height. Actually, as a warm up, this park was suitable for our six years old son.

According to instructors to complete all paths will need between two and a half and three hours (for adults). For children up to 140 cm, it is possible to access only first three paths. We tried them, and for us, it took around one and a half hour.

That was an excellent attraction, and it would be a perfect place for birthday parties for children or adults!

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For more information contact directly Pirita park:

Pirita Website

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