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Klaipėda Zoo

Posted on: Aug 2, 2017 | Author: | Categories: Lithuania, Klaipėda, Places of interest, Zoos & Aquariums

In the beginning, we thought that it is a mini zoo. But it is not MINI anymore...

Klaipėda Zoo

Review of  Klaipėda zoo (Lithuania)

Address: Durpyno str., Jonušai 96173

In this review:

  • Video
  • First impression
  • How to get there
  • Tips


We were in Klaipėda zoo a few years ago, and that time it was a mini zoo. It looks like that now status has changed, and the zoo is much bigger. Now they have many animals, like lions, camels, bears, white tigers and much more.
We visited the zoo in the second part of the day, and the majority of animals were sleeping (but not big beautiful white tiger). We liked that we could see animals from a minimal distance and some of them it was possible to feed or even to touch. Our kids were excited when they entered a room with small white tigers. Not every day you can feel this kind of animal. It is possible to find small Tigers just a few months per year (later they become not so little and friendly :))


  • Distance from Klaipėda center around 15 km. Located near highway from Klaipėda to Kaunas;
  • The best way to travel by car or Taxi.


  • If you want to see animals more active - arrive in the first part of day;
  • Small white tigers are available only few months per year, so if you want to touch them - check information on the zoo website or call them and ask;
  • To enter a room with small animals you will need to pay separate fee (we write this because we saw few visitors in front of us who didn't read instructions);
  • Ask staff at the beginning about the possibility to feed animals. If you travel with kids, they will love to do it.

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