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Kitesurfing lesson in Švencelė, Lithuania

Posted on: Aug 10, 2017 | Author: | Categories: Lithuania Blog, Activities, Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing lesson in Švencelė with Kitesurfing school

Kitesurfing lesson in Švencelė, Lithuania

Review of school


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We already had one short kitesurfing lesson before in Surftown school in Tallinn, and it was with small kites that are suitable for training and kids fun. This time we had a new experience and tested real kite. As a first lesson, everything was on the ground! To tell the truth, a few years ago I tried real kite for a short period with my friend, but without an instructor, everything looked much more complicated.
The day in Švencelė was just perfect for beginners. The sun was shining, and the wind was not too strong neither too weak. This kind of entertainment is attractive because it is completely different from the majority of regular activities (like hiking, sightseeing, etc.) when you prefer good weather. Very frequently people say that it is windy outside, and they say that the weather is bad, but kitesurfers, windsurfers would probably laugh at these people because for them is vice-versa - the more wind, the better it is. From the first view, kitesurfing could look like very complicated, but at on the ground, everything was comfortable, and instructor controls each situation. In the very beginning me, like the majority of beginners started to "drive the car," and that was one of the biggest lessons I had to learn and fix. I know some people that had some quite traumas during kitesurfing, but I think that majority of them happens when you do not feel comfortable enough or know something. That is why we always try to consult the people, who are the real professionals because it is much faster and safer. I liked this lesson and in the future will try to kitesurf more. Of course, we travel with kid's, and at the moment they are 5 and six years old, and Kitesurfing schools usually start teaching from around 12 (sometimes and earlier).


  • It is about 35 km from Klaipėda City center or about 80 km from Palanga. The best way to travel would be with the car. Contact instructors if you can't go to Švencelė because they have few more places near Baltic sea.

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