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Snow Arena

Posted on: Oct 8, 2017 | Author: | Categories: Lithuania Blog, Kart, Activities, Skiing & Snowboarding

Indoor skiing and four skiing lessons for five and six years old boys!

Snow Arena

Snow Arena is unique because it is the only indoor skiing complex in all Baltic countries and it is possible to ski all year long.
The arena is an excellent solution for people who desire to learn skiing. Inside we found one slope for beginners and main slope with a chairlift, skiing school, plenty of restaurants and kid's playing area. Watch the video how our boys learned to ski with the instructor.


We worked with very professional and very experienced instructor. Parents always care about their kid's safety like we are, but with a DruSkiSchool instructor, we understood that our boys are in the safe hands. If you need a perfect instructor for your kids - ask if Erlandas is available!

Beginners' track
The instructor started to teach in the beginner's track. This 150 meters length track was a perfect place for our small boys to start learning skiing basics. In the beginning, the instructor introduced how to put on the ski, to stand and the most important - how to stop. We were surprised how easy kid's started to ski with the professional instructor support. In the beginner's track, it was enough to spend one lesson to learn basics.

Main track
After learning basics, boys were ready for new challenges. This 460 m length track is open all year, and this track is designed for the skiers who know how to ski or for skiers with the instructor like we did. Here our boys had three more lessons and we can say that it was just amazing and one of the best attractions that our boys had. They were so excited when started to ski without instructor support.
Also on the main track is available to try various tricks on specially designed forms. For our children, it was too early :)

Outdoor track
This path is open only during winter time and we visited Snow Arena in August, so it was closed.

Few types of lifts are available in the Snow Arena. In the beginner's track, we used carpet track, and on the main path, for families with kids, the best is to use four-person chairlift. To use this kind of lift for the first time could look a little challenging in the beginning and the end but with instructor assistance, our boys managed to use it very easy.

Equipment rental point
Winter clothes are mandatory. If you don't have them  - it is possible to rent at the rental location. We used clothes form Snow Arena and locked our belongings in the lockers.

Snow area possesses a few restaurant in the different places. During the warm season, we would recommend trying Aero Gallery Restaurant. The view from outside terrace is just astonishing.

In the DruFunPark our kids found a lot of exciting activities and attractions.
Some people arrive at Snow Arena with cableway just to drink a cup of coffee with cake while their kids enjoy attractions in DruFunPark. In this park, it is possible to use climbing ropes, carousels, trampoline, labyrinths and different toys or other educational games. If you arrive at Snow Arena with kids who don't want to ski - it is a perfect place to leave them with a professional childminder.

Just outside of Snow Arena you can try kart track. We tried them and could say that it was impressive 15 minutes drive. It is not easy to bypass another racer because of quite a narrow path, so you have to be very accurate and fast. We tried karts just after the rain, and the track was still wet in some places, so it was even more interesting to drive. We heart that this trail is open the whole year. It would be probably attractive to race on the snow.


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This looks like a lot of fun for the whole family . I cannot ice skate but look with envy at those who can .
on Mar 1, 2019 | by beautyharbour
This is so cool! I've never gone skiing before, partly because I'm a giant chicken. But this looks like a fun, safe, controlled environment to learn that fun winter activity. Looks like you guys had fun!
on Mar 1, 2019 | by Colleen
This look like so much fun! I wish I could have learned and taught my boys when they were little. I guess it is never too late!
on Mar 1, 2019 | by Tammy
I want to be there too and ski with you guys. Looks so much fun!
on Mar 1, 2019 | by Michael
This looks like a great place! Your family seems to have enjoyed their outing, looks like a great place to spend an afternoon!
on Mar 2, 2019 | by
Nnnniiiccceeeee...if every time I ever thought about skiing I would get a dollar, I would be extremely wealthy. I look forward to the day I try it out.
on Mar 4, 2019 | by Ntensibe Edgar Michael

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