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Seaplane harbour (Lennusadam), Estonian Maritime Museum

Posted on: May 30, 2017 | Author: Inga S. | Categories: Estonia Blog

The excellent museum and perfect time with family!

 Seaplane harbour (Lennusadam), Estonian Maritime Museum

To tell the truth, we were surprised when we entered the Seaport Harbour. The museum is modern and impressive for adults and children.
The museum is in a huge hanger. Harbour ceiling occupied by small boats. The most impressive exhibit for us was the submarine Lembit that our family could explore from inside.

The Seaplane Harbour Museum was a fabulous place for our family. We found their impressive ships, interactive screens with interesting information about ships, museum, and history, search and rescue helicopter with tents, boats, sailing ships and other interesting things and actions.

After the exhibition, it is possible to have lunch or a cup of coffee in a restaurant for a reasonable price or to purchase a souvenir at the gift shop near the entrance.

What to do for kids?
- Playground;
- Weapons;
- Interactive screens;
- Cafe;
- Remote control ship;
- Inside the submarine.

Usually, museums are quite boring for children, but Harbour have many exciting activities for kids!
The excellent museum and perfect time with family! Highly recommend!

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For more information contact museum directly:

Harbour Website!

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