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Vinettu Village

Posted on: Aug 25, 2017 | Author: | Categories: Lithuania Blog, Theme parks

Great place to visit with family!

Vinettu Village

Address: Šlikiai Village, Kretingalė, LT-96330 Klaipėda District
Website: Vinetu kaimas

In this review:

  • Video
  • My family visit to Indian village
  • How to get there
  • Tips


My family visit to Indian village

  • All village is a very cozy place with plenty of different Indian tents, summer houses, playground for children, volleyball pitch, museum, Indian restaurant, sauna and much more.
  • In the beginning, we met Indian with the name Vinetu. Famous Indian introduced us with interesting facts about Indians and painted our faces. We had to think - what kind of animal could we be? We selected Lion, White Tiger, Pantera and Weasel (a couple of days ago we visited Klaipėda zoo, and it could influence our decisions:)).
  • In the Indian tent "TIPI" Vinetu introduced us to American Indian history, culture, manners, we played games and had to answer interesting questions.
  • Shooting range. We liked that it was possible to use arcs for our kids.
  • Local "Indians" organize a lot of events for families, children, and adults (birthday, wedding parties, educational programs, summer camps for children, etc.). For more details visit Indian village website.

How to get there:

  • Vinetu village located between Palanga and Klaipeda, in the western part of Lithuania;
  • 24 km from Klaipėda center or 16 km from Palanga center;
  • The best way to use car or taxi.

Highly recommend visiting with family!


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